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Heavy Equipment and Trucking Certificate: CC

Heavy Equipment and Trucking Certificate

The Heavy Equipment and Trucking program is open-entry/open-exit, which is designed so students can enter when convenient for them.

Skills are competency-based meaning a skill must be mastered before advancing on to the next skill. The program emphasizes hands-on training with support classes directly related to training.

Students interested in obtaining the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can register for the Trucking program at any time on an open-entry/open-exit basis. The job market is very much in need of qualified drivers with a CDL and truck driving training. There are many trucking companies that have hiring programs for students with these qualifications.

Federal Gainful Employment Information.

Regional Campuses and Online Learning:

* The Price Campus HETR program follows an open-entry, open-exit schedule.

* The Blanding Campus HETR program follows a traditional semester schedule.

Career Options:

  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Trucking
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