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Instructional Leadership: MEd

Specialization(s): Higher Education/Student Affairs

Instructional Leadership

The program is focused on helping students develop practical knowledge and skills needed for leadership positions in education. It provides students with a solid understanding of the history of the U.S. education system, curriculum development, learning and teaching models, and best practices for teaching diverse populations. Students also benefit from USU’s high-ranking special education program through two special education courses integrated into the curriculum. The majority of the coursework is made up of classes required for the administrative/supervisory concentration, which leads to administrative licensure through the Utah State Office of Education.

This program, with the accompanying recommendation for the ASC, is designed for students who wish to pursue administrative positions within the education system. It is also a good option for students who want to earn a master’s degree (which can increase a teacher’s current salary) while providing them with credentials for pursuing leadership positions in the future.

Utah has reciprocity agreements with many other states to provide joint recognition of educator licensure.  Out-of-state students should check with their state department of education to ensure reciprocity.

The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services ranks in the top 2% of all graduate colleges of education nationwide, and the college is also ranked third in the nation in total research dollars received, according to “America’s Best Graduate Schools,” U.S. News & World Report.


A specialization is not required.

  • Higher Education/Student Affairs: Challenge yourself to become a leader in educational organizations.

Because this program leads to recommendation for administrative licensure, it is primarily designed for people who intend to become administrators in education (principals, assistant principals, curriculum coordinators, district office workers, etc.).

If students are not planning to pursue an administrative career path in the immediate future, the program can still help them enhance their teaching skills and provide them the option of moving into administrative positions in the future.

Admissions Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission is a standard Utah State Office of Education license and at least one year of teaching experience. However, acceptance is much more likely after completion of at least three years of teaching experience.

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the online application
  • Pay the $55 application fee
  • Score at or above the 40th percentile on the GRE or MAT
  • Have a 3.0 or higher GPA on your last 60 semester of 90 quarter credits
  • Provide transcripts of all college/university credits
  • Provide three contacts for letters of recommendation
  • Participate in a 15-minute phone interview focused on the interstate school leaders licensure consortium foundation standards (this portion of the application process is weighted most heavily)

International students have additional admissions requirements.

Admissions Deadlines

The department has the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester – May 4
  • Spring semester – September 23
  • Summer semester – March 2
  • Phone interviews are held approximately three weeks after the admission deadlines

Master's Degree Plan Option(s)

Students can receive the MEd by pursuing the following plan option:

  • The Plan C option does not involve a thesis or a defense meeting and is comprised of coursework only.

Michael Freeman, PhD, University of Wyoming
Associate Professor
Area: Leadership, Adult Learning
Office: EDUC 396
Phone: (435) 797-1474

Steven Laing, EdD, Brigham Young University
Clinical Associate Professor
Area: Educational leadership
Office: EDUC 386
Phone: (435) 797-3912

Joseph Matthews, EdD, Brigham Young University
Associate Professor
Area: Instructional Leadership; Professional Learning Communities; Principal Mentor in Classroom Assessment and Instruction
Office: EDUC 386
Phone: (801) 592-6660

Susan Turner, PhD, Brigham Young University
Clinical Professor
Area: Leadership Theory; Adult Development; Instructional Leadership
Office: EDUC 388
Phone: (435) 797-3947

Richard West, PhD, University of Utah
Executive Director of the Center for the School of the Future
Area: Special education
Office: HSRC 111
Phone: (435) 797-1994

Professional Organizations, Honor Societies, and Clubs

Under the broad discipline of education, there are many professional organizations specific to different areas of interest and expertise. Students are encouraged to become members of organizations that are relevant to their area of study.


Denise Jensen
Staff Assistant
Office: EDUC 385
Phone: (435) 797-1473

- School of Teacher Education and Leadership

- Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services

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